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Fear in the drawer!

Updated: May 20, 2022

Few days back after Meditation suddenly I recalled one incident.

Once I was sitting in Yoga Room of my School. Yoga Room was at the far corner of the main building. I was alone in the room. For children it was holiday. I was arranging my room and table. Arranging books on the table and cleaning the drawers of the table.

Table had three drawers two were lockable but the last one was not. It had a slight opening.

While cleaning the third drawer as I tried to pull it out I heard a small sound. I felt as though some reptile small or big was there.

Room was empty there was not a single soul around. Somehow I got scared and tried to move out of the room as soon as is possible.

When I was standing at the gate of the room suddenly I saw a shadow approaching me. I was panicked. That moment I calmed myself. Shadow got converted into the real human being and he was the cleaner of our school Rajender. He looked at my face and said,"is everything alright mam?". I said, " Rajender there seems to be something in the drawer of my table." He said," let me just check mam."

Rajender went inside the room and I followed him in the halfway of the room. Room was big 22 by 15 ft.Table was at the far end of the room near a big window it's glass panes were broken. Rajender started to open the drawers of table one by one. " Yanha to kuchh be nahi while telling he pulled the last drawer, I was apprehensive something will jump out but there was nothing.

"Kuchh bhi nahi hai Rajender " , I just said.while feeling embarrassed. I was slightly ashamed. What will he think of me. Just to cover it up I gave sheepish smile.

Rajender said, "Mam aisa kaise kuchh bhi nahi hai Aapkaa dar to hai which has been stimulated just with the little sound and this emptiness around. He smiled and went away.

Yes Rajender was right that moment my fear was there and I assumed a harmful creature around me.

There are some unknown fears. Are they really unknown. May be they are residing in our mind deep down.They are carried forward from the child hood or from the past life.

Whenever we are sitting alone just with in our selves we have some kind of experiences like a sudden fear or sadness or anger. Some experiences which are embedded deep in to Subconscious mind comes at conscious level makes us confused or afraid. We are not able to understand and do reasoning.

To solve this one has to Connect with one self. For stress, anxiety, fear therapy contact and to book online meditation classes

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