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Counseling - Therapy - Healing

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Meditation Class

Counseling and Therapy Session

1:1 Counseling and Therapy session to resolve, heal the past, achieve your goals and create better future. 
45 minutes session online and offline

Counseling along with Hypnotherapy and Cognitive therapy is more effective for Stress,  Anxiety , habits, emotional eating, weight loss, fears, phobias, Panic attacks, past trauma, sleeping disporder. It can help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Refine your form, discover a new and better you.

Online Meditation

30 minutes online guided meditation.
Pranic Healing meditation, Chakra Balancing meditation, Breath Work and Mindfulness meditation.

Live a life filled with passion, meaning, and fulfillment by taking part in the Meditation that promotes a healthy mind, body, and soul. Discover what meditation can do for you.

Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop and Residential retreats in Delhi for Corporate employees and Individuals.
One day Workshop includes Organic Veg Buffet, 2 Tea with snacks.

Introduction and importance of Meditation and Mental health.  Learn 7 meditation techniques to apply in your day to day life. Special session on experience sharing for complete mental emotional and spiritual well-being and growth.


Crystal and Energy Healing Session

Deep relaxation and Chakra healing with Crystals.

Crystals have healing properties. Clean your Aura from negativity and balance your chakras with Crystals. Experience deep relaxation and relief from general stress and anxiety.

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki distance healing session.

Whether you're looking to increase wellness, build self-confidence , reduce stress or heal the past, Reiki distance healing is powerful and safe way with fast and effective results.

Reiki Course Level 1-2-3

Open yourself to universal life force

Online and Onsite Reiki Training Workshop. Receive attunement, learn the traditional Usui Reiki healing techniques and power meditations . Learn how to manifest your plans. Receive comprehensive manual and certificate for each level.

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