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Mental and emotional well being is a combination of what we think and how we feel , how we function in our relationships, personal control, purpose in life and independence. If you are facing anxiety disorders, eating disorder, sleep disorder, anger issues, irritation, trust issues, relationship issues, confidence issues etc. then you are at the right place. Mental health problems can be due to childhood abuse, trauma, neglect, loneliness, financial loss, grief, acute stress, physical injury, losing job, domestic violence, life transition, lack of sleep, work pressure, wrong life style etc. We bring 20 years of experience along with ancient wisdom and latest research in positive psychology in our counseling and therapy sessions. We use cognitive therapy (CBT), emotion focused therapy (EFT), mindfulness techniques, meditation practices, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, NLP techniques, reiki healing, crystal healing and sound therapy. Get in touch to see how we can help you.


Mental and Emotional Wellness

Our  therapies, meditation practices,  reiki courses are based on ancient wisdom from various spiritual teachings and scientific research on positive psychology.  The aim is to heal negativity, emotional blocks, anxiety, stress, trauma, which often harm physical organs leading to chronic diseases. With meditation and therapies one can develop higher consciousness, spiritual awakening and cure lifestyle related problems.

In today's life style people go through anxiety, sleep disorders, stress and depression which can be cured through meditation,  by developing consciousness, which is free from identification.


I connect provides online classes which you can easily attend from your home or parks. So you don't need to miss your classes if you are traveling or you can't go to a meditation center.

Join the best online meditation classes for mental and emotional well-being and to release past life traumas. If your are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, having anxiety or depression, then learn to meditate in the best guided meditation classes under experienced meditation coach.

The most important thing is the evolution of human consciousness and the secret of how to make lead into gold. This was known to some secret spiritual schools. In older days this knowledge was passed by Guru - shishya parampara and today with internet and online connectivity, we can use the technology for the harmonious development of mankind.


I connect promotes inner peace, joy and prosperity. It encourages its members to meet once a while for retreats and follow a complete detox for body, mind and emotions. A perfect time to come closer to ones deeper self and oneness with others.


I connect provides various online meditations and offline meditations like Mindfulness meditation, Pranic Healing meditation, Breath work, Chakra balancing meditation, Walking meditation, Tratak Meditation, catharsis meditation for emotional detox and cleaning.


I connect provides online and offline counseling and therapies like Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavior therapy for Anxiety, Stress, past life traumas, Weight loss, Eating disorder, sleep disorder, quit smoking, Performance fear, Unwanted Habits, Phobias and Fears, Low self confidence, Poor decision making, mistaken beliefs.

We also have online and in person Reiki Courses for levels 1,2,3. These are accredited Reiki courses with 20+ years of experienced teachers, comprehensive manual, certificate of completion, bonus meditation techniques and life time support and guidance.

We provide one to one sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, online meditations and onsite meditations, meditation events, meditation workshops, retreats and therapies for individuals and corporate employees.


Challenging behaviors at work can cause stress, loss of productivity, loss of revenue, low morale, and disturb the work culture and performance of individuals and co-workers.The role of human behavior is an essential factor in work performance in any organization. Meditations classes, workshops and events are exclusively designed for  employees, managers, and leaders of organizations to manage stress and increase their skills like Self Awareness, Resilience, Positive Attitude and Self Affirmation

Contact us for individual and corporate requirements.

Meditation Group

"If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path."

Gautama Buddha

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