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Importance of Families and Carers during mental health conditions.

A carer is someone who has ongoing relationship with the person who experiences mental health condition and is also providing support in their recovery, addition to their usual relationships. Carers who truly belief in the potential of the person, provides strength and support in their recovery. By following these tips carers can increase the positive attitude and resilience for themselves and the person to support. These ideas support in recovery from metal health illness both for the person and carers.

1. Identify the strengths of the person and encourage them or talk about it, rather than labeling the person with illness.

2. Follow " I believe in you approach" - Support the person in creating realistic and achievable goals in their recovery and celebrate each milestone.

3. Carers should not put themselves last. Just like before the flight takes off, passengers are told to put the oxygen mask first on themselves and later on children or dependents , similarly carers must take out time for themselves everyday to save them from burnout.

4. Remain informed and do not hesitate to take help from professionals like doctors and therapist. Share your observations with counselors and psychiatrist.

5. Try to reduce stress, although stress cannot be eliminated completely but try to to be a role model and reduce your own stress.

6. Make your calm contagious, Take a breath break, practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

7. Increase protective factors like work in team, exercise, stay connected, plan healthy meals. 8. Leave the "Fix it" approach and let person take responsibility for their recovery like choose your own activities, monitor blood sugar levels, treatment options,

9. Remind the person about their qualities and strengths and try to break the stigma around mental illness.

10. Set a boundary and set a line follow "good enough carer approach"

11. Keep emergency lines handy.

The online research throws light on some more tips for carers :

1. Demonstrate empathy and avoid judgment.

2. Recognize that change is hard and consider pros and cons of treatment.

3. Try to help your loved one define goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and timely.

4. Reinforce your loved one’s positive behavior.

5. Offer your continuing support.

6. Active listening

7. Show compassion for past mistakes

8. Encourage Self empowerment

9. Avoid Helicoptering

10. Access Peer Insights

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