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During a morning meditation while working consciously,  I was trying to sense my whole body and following the circulation of energy in the body. Suddenly I became aware of certain blocks in the way of this energy. I intentionally focused my attention on these blocks and felt these blocks were actually like small crystals made of some definite material and they were not in the physical body. There must be some another body which is connected with the physical body.

On looking deeper I found that these blocks were accumulation of certain negative emotions. The first cluster of emotions were of anxiety, worry and fear. It looks like the emotions move into the physical body and slowly penetrate in our cells and tissues, finally effect the organ or the whole physical body.

I was genuinely curious and this brought me in state of complete wonder and then due to this state I experienced a flush of energy wave which disintegrated the earlier emotions of anxiety, fear and worry. Suddenly I was deeply relaxed and free. It was a moment of delight and inner freedom.